Our pricing structure is pretty simple and transparent - we have created the following packages based on a simple formula, using a standard hourly rate for our time and the costs associated with providing our production and hosting infrastructure.

If one of these standard packages works for your circumstances, that's easy. If not, we are very happy to discuss your requirements, created a tailored package and present a costing based on exactly the same formula. No premium added because you have chosen a non-standard package. No obligation to proceed if we provide an estimate for a non-standard package.

As you can see from the options listed below, we believe that one of the key success factors is regular scheduling of episode release. This allows your audience to develop a routine of listening to your Regional Podversation at the same time every week or two.

How does it work?

We'll record and produce each episode and will upload it to our distribution platform, scheduled to be published according to a regular schedule (e.g. 9:00am every Tuesday and Friday). Then, like magic, the episodes will appear in podcast stores at the agreed time - again, without any involvement from you.

We expect that you would want to promote the podversation series using your social media and other communication channels but if you want, we can help you with that as well (additional charges apply).

What you do

  • Identify 9 or 10 guests for the upcoming month
  • Send them a booking link to enable us to schedule our recording session
  • Promote the series and/or individual episodes 

What we do

  • Interview the guests
  • Record and produce the episodes
  • Organise for their distribution into the major podcast stores

Package costs

Remember, as we said earlier, these are just our standard packages - all are based on episodes that are 15 minutes in duration. 

If you would like to discuss other options and tailored packages for your specific circumstances, please reach out via our Contact page and we'll happily chat about how we can help you.


Two episodes per week

We think that this is the "Goldilocks" option - not too frequent, not too infrequent. 

Most months will require nine or, occasionally, ten episodes to meet this schedule. All you need to do is provide a list of the nine or ten guests for the next month and send them a booking link. We'll take it from there!


One episode per week

It might be more appropriate to only create one episode per week (either 4 or 5 episodes per month) for your region, shire, organisation, association or community. This package is identical to the previous one with fewer episodes each month - what we do and what you do is the same.


One episode per fortnight

We think that a fortnightly Regional Podversation is not quite enough. One of the key success factors of any communication program is audience engagement - and a podversation is no different. By only creating one episode every two weeks, it is difficult to build and maintain momentum with your audience, often leading to lower levels of engagement and commitment to listen. 


One of the things to consider when committing to a Regional Podversation is how your council, organisation, community or association is how you will fund the series.

We have found with our own podversation series - The Regional 250 - that businesses are often happy to sponsor the series or a block of episodes. As you will hear, the sponsor can be mentioned in the introduction and/or conclusion of the episode and, as with The Regional 250, we can insert a sponsorship announcement midway through each episode. 

Please feel free to Contact Us to discuss how a sponsorship could provide the funding you require to engage with your audience while providing a unique sponsorship opportunity for local businesses.