Welcome to Regional Podversations

Welcome to Regional Podversations

Did you know that over 10 million Australians live outside the metropolitan areas surrounding the eight state and territory capital cities? 10 million people thriving in places that range in size from the major regional cities like Newcastle, Geelong and Toowoomba through to tiny settlements scattered across the vast expanses of the outback.

One thing that every single one of those 10 million people have in common is a need to be part of a community. A community that supports them when things are tough. A community that celebrates together when the local side wins the football or netball premiership. A community that shares a love of the region in which they all live.

In the first couple of years of the 2020s, we saw regional communities placed under enormous strain, as we worked our way through the global Coronavirus pandemic. While some regions and towns weren't directly affected with local cases of the virus, many suffered significant economic and other stresses due to locals being isolated from family and friends in other parts of Australia, fewer people visiting their region, difficulty in attracting or retaining casual staff to their local businesses and a range of other factors.

But that was then ... and this is now. 

Now is the time for communities to re-engage with each other and with the rest of Australia ... and we think that a Regional Podversation is an innovative way to re-establish those important connections within your region and beyond.

About Regional Podversations

Regional Podversations is part of Podversations - a small business, based in regional Victoria. Our speciality is in our name - we create podversations (that is, conversational podcasts) which have regional Australia as their primary focus.

We have a range of products that will support the re-establishment of community engagement across the regional and rural areas of Australia. Plenty of people and organisations can help you with creating a podcast - we like to think that we do it really well, with a unique blend of professionalism and informality that will suit your audience.

Want to know how we can help you and your region? Please visit our About Regional Podversations page to find our more.

Our Clients

As a relatively new service, focusing specifically on our regional clients, our client list is still quite small.

That said, we think that our client base will develop with the addition of regional councils, regional development associations, community groups, traders associations, professional peak bodies - in fact, any organisation that has a need to engage with a regional audience.

Please visit our Clients page to discover who we are already working with.


How long IS a piece of string?

It is probably the same answer as the question "How much does a Regional Podversation cost?"

We have a few standard Regional Podversation packages in place but, of course, your requirements may fall outside of these standard offers and require us to create something special for you. 

Don't worry - just because you don't fit a standard package doesn't mean a tailored option will be super-expensive. All of our packages - standard and tailored - are based on an hourly cost so, either way, a Regional Podversation will be affordable and good value for money.

Your best bet is to visit our Pricing page and check out our standard packages. If none of those suit, you can Contact Us to discuss a tailored podversation series for your organisation.

Contact Us

We can be contacted via telephone, email, SMS and/or social media. Please visit our Contact Us page to get in touch.